Corporate Events

The modern alternative multi-use venue 'Eleon-loft hosts corporate events of all kinds (Conferences, Product Presentations, Corporate Celebrations, etc.) and promises to give an innovative tone to every professional gathering.

The hall is spacious and impressive with comfort and subtle luxury as its key features, while the kitchen is imaginative and creative, under the supervision of our award-winning, holder of a Golden Chef's Hat, French Chef. Eleon's associates exclusive focus is to transform any formal event into an enjoyable and interesting night.


Eleon-loft organizes conferences with high requirements, providing all the specialized services and amenities needed for their smooth operation. The hall arrangement and set up is configured according to the occasion and adjusted to the number of participants and the requirements of the organizers.

Integrated technological and audiovisual equipment (screens, projectors, sound system, etc.) is utilized while our eager professional associates are resolved to undertake each new project with the aim of achieving a successful result.

Moreover, the impressive reception hall and the great variety of dishes and drinks available, make the environment suitable for relaxation and socializing at the end of the conference.

The largest event hall of the wider region

Unique all-round view of our city and the Acropolis

Product Presentation - Awarding Prizes

The excellent aesthetics of the venue, the organizational experience and our persistence in consistency showcase Eleon-loft as the ideal spot in the city for hosting the most notable professional events.

Our goal is the proper and comprehensive presentation of new products and honored persons through the careful direction of the evening and the provision of all necessary amenities (screens, projectors, lighting, special effects, background music, etc.).

The abundance of food and drink - amongst a wide variety of menus- follow the event and promises that glamorous, party nights take off!

Anniversary Celebrations - New year cake cutting

The annual celebrations are traditionally amongst the long-anticipated events for a company and its associates. Eleon-loft organizes celebrations with the aim of creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere combined with delectable tastes, a great selection of wines and drinks and pleasant background music.

Aside from the exchange of wishes and the formal speeches the moments of joy, fun and enjoyment will highlight a creative new year.


Access to Eleon-loft is possible by all means of public transport

In our facilities Free Parking is available

Με αυτοκίνητο Με ΜΜΜ


From Syntagma Square

Με τα πόδια Με αυτοκίνητο


From Metro Eleonas

Με τα πόδια Με αυτοκίνητο


From Stock Exchange

Με αυτοκίνητο Με ΜΜΜ


From Larisis Station

Με αυτοκίνητο Με ΜΜΜ


From the Airport

Με αυτοκίνητο Με ΜΜΜ


From Piraeus Port

Metro: Stop Eleonas - Line 3 Agia Marina – Airport

Bus: Stop Paliatzidika - In Athens Avenue, Α15 - Β15 - Γ16

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